Steel frame standard container (SC)

Standard container is available in two versions of sizes 6 058 mm length x 2 438 mm or 2 990 mm width, ceiling height of 2 300 or 2 500 mm. Longer containers need more support brackets in the structure, therefore such containers have additional load-bearing supports being placed in 1/5 of the container total length, taken from the edge of longer site, on both sides.

Basic element of the container is made by supporting framework - welded steel frame. This steel frame consists of bending profiles in the shape of G, L, U; of corresponding sizes. All the material is weldable in the CO2 atmosphere. Ready made welded steel frame is treated by anticorrosive zincphosphate paint. This frame creates basic element of each container. Steel frame of the standard container according System Container bores SC labelling.

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Based on the specific demand model will be developed and specified price calculation and composition of the container.